HEY THERE NEW FRIEND. I’m Hannah Concannon. I’m an artist, writer, costume designer, and master of disguise from and currently based in Portland, Oregon.

When I was 21 I left Portland with a suitcase, a dream, a one way ticket to SFO, and only one objective: Adventure.

And after a pretty rough first 8 months in the bay, I found it. In 2012 I moved into The Convent Collective with 24 other incredible artists and accepted a challenge to create one piece of art everyday. Often, I’d find myself constructing elaborate costumes as my art pieces, experimenting with makeup, wigs, and SO MUCH GLITTER, completely transforming myself into someone or something else.

Thus, after a few months and a well-timed trip to Burning Man, The Dress Up Box was born. Everyday since January of 2013 I’ve been painting my face and continually surprising myself with how different I can look. All of the pictures in Daily Faces are of me (yup). To date my work has been featured by Instagram, Juxtapoz, Refinery 29, Racked, Allure, and The Bold Italic.

I’m always looking for cool performances, art shows, photo shoots and projects to be a part of. If you have brilliant ideas, please let me know!


THIS BLOG was originally created to keep me accountable for creating everyday. In addition to showcasing my daily faces, I’ll also be sharing inspiration, tutorials, videos, product advice, and most of all, how to transform yourself into pretty much anything from Lady Gaga to a Giraffe. Got questions? Need a last minute costume? Not sure what kind of stuff you should put on your face? SHOUT.