Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re upset is to sit down and paint it out. That’s what I did last night when, upon reading the news of the San Bernardino and Savannah shootings, I was moved to tears. Be a force of beauty. And then call your senator, your representative, and support your local organization working for stricter gun control laws.





Today, in the sweltering heat of the mid-afternoon, I explored the feeling I get when exciting positive things happen and, for whatever reason, I’m I can’t bring myself to be enthused about them. Do you know that feeling? When everything is going so well and your excitement hasn’t caught up yet? Here’s what came out of it.





On Saturday night I was fortunate enough to attend Tadada! the 20th birthday bash for PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art). After 11 months mourning the loss of my San Francisco costume crew, I believe I’ve found a much friendlier and more vibrant new community to explore. Decked out in homemade gowns (IKEA Duvet Cover Couture) my sister and I made quite a splash, and I had the best night out since moving home to Portland. Here’s how we looked before we walked out the door: